Keeping the Cake

So what’s the scoop about keeping the top of your wedding cake?

Many brides opt to save the top layer of the cake for after their wedding day. Rumor has it that if the couple freezes it and shares it together on their one year anniversary it will bring them good luck for the many years to come.

But I wanted to dig deeper and figure out the real reasoning behind this wedding tradition. What’s the deal?

Reading an article from Wedding Cake Creations I found out that this tradition originated from England centuries ago. Still today couples practice this tradition but as the years have passed have found it to be harder to keep alive because wedding cakes continuously get more elaborate and harder to preserve than in years past.

Couples that find a way to savor their biggest wedding day treat are known to share it together at their one year anniversary, at the christening of their first child, or even right after their honeymoon to further remember their wedding night.

Whichever way couples go, saving the cake is a matter of personal preference and taste {no pun intended!} Just remember that if you’re going to go down this route to factor in extra cake so that you have enough to feed your guests as well!

{Photo courtesy of Society Bride}

What do you all think about this tradition? Will it fade or is it here to stay?