We’re Engaged!

So you just got engaged! {First off, congratulations to the very happy couple from Honeydew Events!} But now what? These are some of the most exciting times you’ll experience outside of your actual wedding day. Embrace the feeling!

Here’s a little something that will help you start your planning journey:

{Gather Your Thoughts} Now is the time to really visualize your wedding day. How do you want for it to look? What feelings are you trying to capture with your design? What tone do you want to set for your guests? These are all things to consider in the early stages of the planning process! Luckily Pinterest makes it easy to do so!

{Throw a Party} This step should be easy enough…go celebrate!

{Pick a Date} Discuss with your honey when you’d like to tie the knot. Sometimes this proposes more challenges than the couple thinks. You may have a date that is dear to your heart but find it difficult to find a venue that can accommodate that time. Pick a date early enough so that you not only get the date you want, but also at the venue in which your heart desires.

{Pick a Place} Just as important as the date is the venue. Do your research on this one. Venues can be tricky so make sure before you sign an agreement with any of them to read the fine print. Consider all of the elements of your wedding from beginning to end and make sure the venue you choose allows for you to have all that you’re expecting. The most important things to look for are their rules on allowing offsite caterers and alcohol. This could be a big bummer if you don’t research and read their rules!

{Capture the Moment} If your fiance didn’t already plan to have your friends sneak photos of you actual engagement night then hire some help to do it for you! Engagement photos are always beautiful, and no matter the location allow you and your fiance to be photographed in your daily where being just how to two of you are used to being…together.

{Set Your Budget} The budget is always a big deal, and couples often go over budget unexpectedly. Take some tips from our recent post of Hidden Wedding Costs and make sure that you, your fiance, and family can all come to agreement on one final price!

{Find Your Wedding Dress} This one is seemingly a no brain-er. In fact, this is often one of the first things soon to be brides want to do! We all love shopping, but in order to avoid the daunting task of stressful shopping start early! You’ll thank us later!

{Make a Wedding Website} Wedding websites are a great way to engage your guests in all of your pre-wedding bliss. They’re easy to make and your guests will thank you in the long run for making their hunt for information easier!

{Consider a Consultant} Naturally, we here at Honeydew Events highly recommend the use of our wonderful wedding services to eliminate the stress from you on your big day so that you’re able to fully enjoy your family and loved ones. Wedding planners are also great sources of information and are excellent problem solvers and advice givers. Just think…it’s like having a second {or third} pair of eyes and hears to rid your of all of your wedding fears!

{Create the Guest List} The guest list can be the most deceiving. Though it may seem like a great idea at first to invite anyone and everyone you know you have to stop and consider your budget. The more people you have, the more mouths you have to feed, the larger the space you need, and the more resorces you use. Just as a word of caution, for most brides and grooms, consider sticking to immediate friends and family {those that have positively impacted your relationship and those who have helped you grow as both individuals and as a couple}.

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{Inspiration from theknot.com}