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OBX Brides focuses all of their attention on Outer Banks weddings. They specialize in their beautiful Outer Banks location as being the showcase for all of their couples big days. With their help they truly allow the couple to have their wedding day be all about them! Whether you’re just starting out in your planning process or having trouble tying the loose ends, OBX Brides helps your find the resources you need to complete the job with excellence!

Here’s a fun idea shared with us from our friends at OBX Brides that will add a personal, romantic, and symbolic touch to your wedding day…sand ceremony’s! Perfect for beach, destination or other tropical venues.  Here’s what they have to say:


A favorite element to incorporate into a beach wedding (or in sand-friendly venues) is the Sand Ceremony.  This ritual of pouring various colors of sand from a separate container into a vessel is symbolic of joining two lives together. The two individual vessels representing their separate lives and the flowing of sand into one symbolizes everything the marriage represents in the future as a united couple.

Because the individual grains of sand can never be separated, their lives are now entwined just like their love. The unity vase becomes a treasured keepsake and reminder of the couple’s love and coming together as one.

{Beach Wedding Tradition Meets Creative Planners}

Here are a few suggestions on how to personalize the ceremony:

  • Pick a vase or vessel that represents something special to you as a couple.   Maybe it’s a mason jar or a glass bottle that you found when you were strolling along the beach together.
  • While colored sand (and maybe coordinating to your wedding colors) make a lovely display, maybe you each bring sand from your hometowns or your favorite vacationing spots from your childhood.     The color and texture of the sand will be different and the symbolism represents where you have come from and how all those experiences have brought you together.
  • This is a great way to incorporate others into your ceremony.   The mother of the bride and groom can each come up to pour sand into the vessel representing each family and promising support for the couple.  These grains of sands coming together symbolizes the families coming together as well.
  • Should there be children from another marriage this is also a way to include them in the ceremony and represent your life now coming together as one family.
  • For smaller weddings, take a walk on the beach to collect shells and have everyone in attendance come up, scoop sand from the ceremony location and partake in the ceremony.  Maybe those shells can be used as part of the display décor.

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If you’re planning on incorporating the sand ceremony within a real beach wedding, it’s always good advice to talk to veterans such as Outer Banks officiants to discuss how you can incorporate this into your ceremony.


These tips and pros come from obxBrides.com, an Outer Banks wedding resource fueled by experienced wedding pros and been-there brides.