First Looks

The question of the day is…What is the first look and why do it?

The first look is the bride and grooms opportunity to see each other “for the first time” prior to the ceremony. It’s the chance for them to spend time together, essentially for the last time as a dating or engaged couple. It allows for the bride and groom to embrace each other, to share some last loving words, and to focus on how they got to this special day to begin with.

From a photographers standpoint it allows for them to capture the raw moments that may not be shared with the hundreds of guests focused up on the alter during the ceremony. The bride and groom have the chance to just be themselves, and have their moments captured to be happily remembered for a lifetime.

Some say the first look is bad luck, and that weddings should be centered around the more traditional side of not seeing the bride until she walks down the isle. Truly, it just comes down to personal preference. No way is the right way. Just do what is best for you and your husband to be!

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What’s your opinion? Is the first look a beautiful thing or bad luck?

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