The Rainbow Rule

Many people think of weddings as having two specific wedding colors, which may very well be the case. But we here at Honeydew Events are a fan on the “rainbow rule” {catchy, huh?} which focuses on the belief that the more colors to your event the more lavish your event will be.

Just think if the world only had two colors, how exciting would that be? Not very. Your events should be considered in the same light!

While two colors are great, three are even better, and four all the more!

Color adds personalization to your events in a way that decorations alone simply cannot. For example, if you have your main colors as being blue and orange, incorporate shades of tangerine and baby blues into your color scheme. Doing so will really make your main colors pop and will allow for you to have a lot more fun with your event designs!

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Just remember, the more the merrier!