Hidden Wedding Costs

Wedding websites are famous for coming up with inventive ways to engage their brides on all of the happy moments and challenges that weddings may bring. Reading one post on hidden wedding costs from The Wedding Channel really struck home to me though. As much as brides, grooms, and their families stay conscience of their budget, there are always sure to be some unexpected hiccups towards the end. We here at Honeydew Events would love to help you avoid some of those with the courtesy of The Wedding Channel leading the way!

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{Dress Alterations}

Brides and their bridesmaids both know that no body is the perfect size 6. Even though the shop took each of your measurements beforehand they fitted you with the dress in the size closest to that match, which means that there are bound to be some spots that aren’t perfectly aligned. Avoid these sometimes pricey alterations by asking the dress shop how much they charge for alterations before purchasing the dresses, and don’t be afraid to do your research and find a less expensive seamstress to do the job!

{Non-approved Vendors}

Check with the venue on their requirements for outside vendors. More often than not each venue has specifications and list of preferred vendors in the area who they work with. Caterers specifically can propose the biggest challenges. Contact your venue and read your contract! There may be additional fees required to have that perfect pastry chef come on their grounds!

{Postage Stamps}

I’ve been guilty of this time and time again. I find the perfect set of invitations, address and label them only to forget one of the most important parts..the postage! . Just think..if you have 150 guests at 45 cents a stamp adds up. This isn’t even including stationary, print and designs. Calculate your costs ahead of time to avoid this sneaky sticker!


The simplest things can slip by you in all of the confusion and hectic-ness of your big day. Parking is certainly one of them. Avoid this by figuring out the parking situation prior! Some venues include parking in the contract as part of your initial fees or would be more than happy to have it prepaid for guests before their arrival.


Everyone loves a gracious host but not everyone shows their final appreciations at the end of the night! We here at Honeydew Events provide all of our clients with “Tips on Tipping” so that they can know the ins and outs and the do’s and don’t about gratuities for your vendors!

For all of the newly weds out there, what hiccups did you and your honey come across on your big day? Share some words of advice for all of the beautiful brides out there!