Invitations 101

So you’re getting married or hosting an event! What’s next?
Everyone has to take into consideration a few fundamental elements before theirbig day. Whether you chose to leave the planning up to a coordinator {like the wonderful team at Honeydew Events} or take matters into your own hands you have to start somewhere!


Here are some invitation basics that should not be forgotten during your beginning stages of planning:

{Step One} Decide on the who, what ,when, where, and what for.

You need to make one of the hardest decisions in your planning process…who to invite! Your guest list can quickly expand, but with doing so so does your budget. Decide on a headcount, a venue, date, and time for your celebration to make it clear for your guests attending.


{Step Two} Envision how you’d like for them to look.

Are you going for a romantic vibe, classic black and white, simple and elegant, or fun and whimsical? Whichever route you go there will be a different feel for your invitation accordingly. This will also determine whether or not you’ll be needy any embellishments such as ribbons, flowers, bow ties, or strings to pair with your invitations. Decide what you like and your design scheme will soon follow!


{Step Three} Play around with your wording.

Just as important as the look as what’s on it. Make sure you know the message you’re trying to convey before you send them out. Is your event strictly adults only? Will there be the option for a plus one? Make sure your guests have every detail spelled out for them so that there are no questions left unanswered before the big day!



Hope this helps! Did you find it useful?

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