Meet the Honeydew Events Team!

We have been TERRIBLE {turrrrible!} at blogging recently!! And from the bottom of my heart…. I am sorry.  Did you miss us?

Well we have been MIA because we’ve been so busy, so I suppose that is a good reason for not visiting more often.

I am getting geared up and ready to blog regularly again because we have new staff members- and because we have a new staff members, I felt I should introduce them so that you can get to know them too!


Meet Haley, our new Assistant Coordinator.  Haley has a long background in events, considering her age.  She worked at Celebrations on the Reservoir  for 4 years before joining us.  At Celebrations she was an Assistant Coordinator and also worked in the floral department.

Haley has a huge place in her heart for her horses on her farm and her dog Holden.  We are so very happy to have her as part of team {since February}!!


Angelica is the newest member of our team.  Coming on as an intern this summer, she shows much promise and a love for events {who wouldn’t, right?}.  She has been with us for 2 completed weddings now and I hope she will be here for many more to come!

Majoring in Public Communications at VCU, she is a recent graduate finding her true passion in life.  She is quickly professing events as a serious love.

She loves, coffee, wine, diving into a good book and beach volleyball {I knew we got along well for a reason!} and her kids- her kitties Bowzer and his little sister Lily.

So watch out world!! These girls rock my socks and we are a force to be reckoned with at our events!!

{coming to an event near you}