I’m Judging You

Not really 🙂 I will be judging many many entries this week at The CSI Project though!  As luck may have it, I have been asked to judge all the entries this week for their Ombre challenge.  I had to laugh when I was asked to do this because Stephanie and I just finished up an INTENSE ombre shoot back in December!  Dee (at The CSI Project) did not know this at all!  Funny how things work out….

I have grown to love The CSI Project blog since I found their template for the Quatrefoil Stencil a few months back.  I used it to revamp my kitchen (on a project that started with me just wanting to wash the curtains but turned into a complete redesign over a week). Since then, I have found so many great projects and ideas from the wonderfully talented individuals that add to the blog.

So go check out what is happening at The CSI Project this week, and see what I will be up to.  If you have any great projects to submit on this challenge, it may be a great time for you to show it off.

Come back for the rest of the week as I catch up on MANY posts I meant to do in the past 2 months!  I tell ya what… having my computer crash really set me back.  But I’m back on track and ready to rock!

Happy Planning!