Wedding Planning From Your Vendors’ Point of View {Miniseries} ~ A Word from Your Wedding DJ

Welcome back to our Planning Miniseries this week!  If you are just joining us, we have given some useful tips and information from many aspects of the planning process from your vendors’ point of view – Your Caterer, Photographer, Planner, Makeup Artist and  What to consider when planning a beach wedding.

Today’s post will be focused on your wedding DJ or music.  Please feel free to comment on the end of this post if you have any questions, and we will get some answers to you!

The following are some questions I posted to Eric Cunningham of Choice Entertainment.

Eric Cunningham, Choice Entertainment, how to choose your wedding DJ

Courtesy Mike Topham Photography

Choice Entertainment, Richmond, VA, how to choose your wedding DJ

Q:  What is the most important thing to consider when shopping for a DJ?

Eric: Experience as a wedding entertainer ist he most important thing to consdier for your reception.  Your DJ/MC should understand that this is a once in a lifetime event, and not just another party or show.  Experience teaches an entertainer how to prepare in detail, work with other wedding professionals as a team, and be prepared for everything on the wedding day… the expected and the unexpected!!


Q:  What if a client wants 2 or more completely different music types/choices for different parts of the reception? How do you balance the two?

Eric:  Almost everyone wants the music in the beginning to differ from the end of a reception.  When guests enter the reception, the music should be upbeat, but never too loud, so guests can mingle and talk comfortably.  When it’s time to dance, the volume can increase, and the mix of music should be played so as to engage a variety of guests musically thoughout the reception.

 Mike Topham Photography, Choice Entertainment, Richmond, VA, DJ, how to choose your wedding DJ

Courtesy of Mike Topham Photography

Q:  Are there any fun tips/hints you wouldgive to planning brides out there?

Eric: Survey your closest friends and family asking for 2 songs that they love and will definitely dance to.  You will get some great requests for songs you might not have thought of otherwise.  You might find the most exciting song of the night or the one that gets your grandmother on the dance floor for the first time in years!


Honey’s Two Cents: From a planner’s point of view, I have the following advice for you to consider {*none of the following points reflect or are meant to reflect upon Choice Entertainment, these are general points to consider}:

  • While a DJ is the most common wedding music choice and entertainer, consider what you would like your music at your wedding to be like.  If you want the highest energy in the evening, you may want to consider a band.
  • How long is your reception, and when do you want the party to end? Consider your budget and the time constraint on your reception site.  Many venues offer a 4 hour reception with time to set up and break down.  Make sure the price quoted to you from your DJ is how long you need them for.
  • Does the DJ you are considering have all the music you want to hear?  If not, is there a fee for them to find this music for you?  Are you responsible for the additional cost?
  • Does the DJ you are considering have a license to play the music professionally at your wedding?  If you are thinking about hiring a weekend warrior {someone who moonlights on the weekends}, make sure to ask if they can legally play the music they “own” at your wedding
  • Make sure your DJ asks you what songs you MUST have played at your wedding, {besides the first dance songs and entrance songs, etc.} and more importantly, what songs you DO NOT want played.  Who wants to hear The Chicken Dance twice?  Anyone?