Wedding Planning From Your Vendors’ Point of View {Miniseries} ~ Thoughts from Your Photographer

Welcome back to our miniseries this week, as we provide you with some tips and information on your wedding planning from your vendors.  Today’s information comes to you from 2 wedding photographers I have gotten to know in the industry- David Abel of David Abel Photography and Audra Wrisley of Audra Wrisley Photography.

I have asked them a series of questions, which are answered below.  These are things that are SO VERY important to consider when choosing a photographer, and hopefully will help lead you in the right direction when deciding who you want to be part of your big day.

Q: What do you feel is the most important thing your client should know when choosing a wedding photographer?

David: I would say you would want to make sure that they do the type of work that you like, you wouldn’t want to hire a photographer who’s work is edgy and hip if you like photos with a moody whimsical feel, or you wouldn’t want to hire a natural light photographer for a wedding that starts after sunset. Next I would say meet with them and make sure that your personalities mesh well, you’ll be working with this person for 8hrs on the wedding day but longer on the album and engagement photos. Make sure that you guys get along!

Audra:  When choosing a wedding photographer, I think the most important factors to consider are the photographer’s style and personality! It’s like choosing someone to tell your story… and it’s so important that person is clear on how you want that story told! When I meet with a new couple, I look at it like meeting two new friends… I love it when clients are completely comfortable with me; tell me ideas they hate/love, and send me images/links while they are planning their wedding. I just got a text from a bride last week that she found THE dress!!! I love being involved in the details. I think getting to know the couple is so important in order to know just how to best capture their day.
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Q:  What are some important things to consider when choosing a photographer?
David: Photography is one of the unique things from the wedding that you actually get to take with you, don’t skimp on it. Long after the flowers have wilted, the cake has been eaten, and your wedding dress has been worn once, all you’ll have left are the photos.
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Q:  There are so many wedding photographers to choose from, what really differentiates photographers from each other?
Audra:  There are a lot of things that differentiate photographers from each other… I mentioned above style and personality, which are two huge ones. Other factors to consider are: the photographer’s experience and technical background… if you’re having an indoor evening wedding… has your photographer photographed in similar conditions? If your wedding is outdoors in the middle of the day, does he/she know how to compensate for harsh lighting? Another factor is also shooting style… whether the photographer takes charge and orchestrates certain ‘shots’, or if he/she captures the moments naturally, as they unfold. Talking through those points are vital before selecting the right photographer for you!
David:   Whether or not you connect with their photos, that is probably the most important thing. Each photographer has their own style and way they see the world, this evolves with time and experience but can never be “changed” to suit your vision. Make sure that their style/philosophies on photography, weddings, and life mirror what you believe.
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Q:  Is there a great story you would like to share?
Audra:  One of my favorite moments during a recent wedding is the cake cutting! I often feel that at that moment, the stress if off, everyone is relaxed and often it’s just the couple and I closest to the cake. A wedding I photographed last spring, the couple totally blanked on what to do! It was adorable… they asked me, “Ok Audra…. Um. How do we do this?” It was a great moment; we talked it through and got the cutest candid photos of a fun part of the wedding that you wouldn’t necessarily expect. The unexpected moments are the memories you’ll want photos of… because that’s what makes your day so special!
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Honey’s Two Cents:  From a planner’s point of view, I have the following advice for you to consider:
  • If you are deciding between 2 or more photographers, consider what their packages include.  Do they provide an album?  Do they allow you {certain or limited or full} rights to the photos after the wedding?  Think about how you are planning on using the images and choose the right fit for your needs.
  • Are you more likely to want your wedding photos printed, or on a CD with digital files?
  • What style of photography best suits your taste?  Documentary style, quirky, bold, artsy?  Choose a photographer who can provide this for you
  • Has your chosen photographer ever shot at your wedding venue before?  A good photographer will make it a point to either visit the site prior to the date to scout good spots, or show up a tad early to see what they have to work with {if the venue allows early vendors, and if travel logistics will allow}
  • Ask for references, check out online reviews, and check up on those references!  If you are on the fence about your photographer, maybe a verbal testimonial from a former client will help you make a decision.  Ask very specific questions:  Was it easy working with this photographer?  How long did it take you to get your images, was it in the contracted amount of time?  Was it easy to get ahold of this photographer when you had questions?
  • Make sure your photographer has a personality you can work with.  If you find that your photographer doesn’t have a sense of humor, and is very serious, then chances are you aren’t going to have an easy time getting some lighthearted pictures when it’s time {if that’s what you’re looking for}
  • Has the photographer you are considering been published on any wedding blogs, or printed publications?  Ask.  This may or may not be important to you.
  • Are you interested in a lot of posed photos? Candid shots? Styled closeups of design details?  Ask to see images like this, and make sure it’s what you are looking for.  Just because you like the overall look of what a photographer offers does not mean that they will capture everything that is important to you exactly how you want them to, so ask.
If there are just too many questions to consider and you are feeling overwhelmed, maybe a wedding planner is what you need.  See our packages and options here, and set up a complimentary consultation with us to talk about your wedding!

Leave any questions you may have below, and we will get you some answers!

Tomorrow’s Post:  Planning from your Caterers’ Point Of View

Happy Planning!