Honeydew It Yourself Friday ~ Alice In Wonderland Aprons

Happy Friday!  Before I dive into todays HDIY tutorial, I just want to remind all of the brides from this weekend’s bridal show to check the website today as I announced the winner of the Bridal Shower or Bachelorette Party styling this morning!  Good luck to all who entered AND REMEMBER, if this winner does not come forward before this time next week, another winner will be drawn!

On to today’s HDIY and tutorial which is a continuation of last week’s post on the Alice In Wonderland party {the invitation} I coordinated for a client this past November.  Pictures from the party aren’t posted just yet, but I did want to share this fun HDIY for you all!

Alice In Wonderland 1st, first, birthday party

Photography by Honeydew Events

The apron tutorial is inspired by the apron worn by the birthday girl shown here.  This apron came with the outfit from Etsy.com (not my creation).  Since the apron and the Alice dress became a running theme through the party, we decided to provide favors for the kids, both girls and boys, of Alice Aprons and Bows as well as Mad Hatter collars and Bowties for the boys.  The kids LOVED playing dressup!

After searching for longer than I thought I should have, I found an apron template on Skip To My Lou, (such a great inspirational blog, LOVE the ideas she comes up with!)  Go here and print the apron template and come back and see the rest of the tutorial!



white, heavyweight cotton.  I used Kona Cotton.  3 yards made about 11 aprons I believe

sewing machine

white and black thread (or whatever colors you want to use)

pencil with an eraser

black (or other color) wide satin ribbon- 54″ per apron


ric rac- about 20″ per apron

Alice In Wonderland apron tutorial, DIY, child

 Print and cut out the apron template onto cardstock or heavyweight paper. Template is linked above.

Pre wash your fabric and iron it.  {I promise I did this, but folded the fabric and let it sit before using it, hence the wrinkles}.

Fold your fabric right sides together, and place the straight edge of the template on the folded part of the fabric.  Trace and cut out the apron shape.  You will need 2 cut pieces for each apron.

 Arrange the ric rac on the apron however you would like.  I used a 2 swirl pattern and a 1 swirl pattern to switch them up a bit.  I used an average of 20″ of ric rac per apron.  I suggest you lay out your pattern once, pinning along the way, then cut the ric rac and measure it.  you can then cut as many strips as you need for the rest of the aprons you are making.

Lay out the ric rac, pin it and sew it.  I used a zig zag stitch so that the ric rac wouldn’t fold over on itself after it was sewn.  NOTE: do not sew the ric rac too close to the edge of the apron.  You need to leave at least 1/4″ from the edge of the apron to allow for room to sew the back of the apron on.

Alice In Wonderland apron tutorial, DIY

 Take the remaining cut apron shape, and place right side down on the sewn, ric rac apron.

Using white (or coordinating thread to what you are using), straight stitch around the edge of the apron, leaving the TOP of the apron un-sewn.  I used a 1/4″ seam allowance.

Turn the apron inside out as shown below.

Alice In Wonderland apron tutorial, DIY

Party birthday hat DIY tutorial  Here is where I ironed all the aprons {not shown}.  This allows the edges to look nice and finished and you can get the fabric to lay properly before sewing on the sash.

Cut 54″ or more inches from the wide satin ribbon.  I cut the edges at an angle to make them pretty.

Pin the ribbon centered to the top of the apron, satin side up.  I left the seams to the top of the apron raw {un-sewn}  for time’s sake since I made  about 11 aprons in one sitting.

Pin the ribbon to the apron and sew them together using black thread {or other coordinating color}

Alice In Wonderland apron tutorial, DIY

All done!!  There was a variation I did consider for this apron, which was:

Attaching velcro to the sash to allow the child to dress themselves {the bow would have been pre-made and attached to one side of the sash so it looks finished when closed}

Alice In Wonderland apron tutorial, DIY

Alice In Wonderland apron tutorial, DIY

What do you think??

Happy Planning!