Something Blue Tuesdays

I love a little handmade touch at weddings {hello, have we met?} So I just adore today’s Something Blue Inspiration-

Credit by Lori Anderson Photographers, product by Mon Amour Boutique on Etsy

Photo from The

DIY project- You could easily make these yourself with a little blue glitter and some elmer’s glue.  Simply write out what you want the glitter to say in glue and gently sprinkle the glitter onto the shoe.  I would recommend that you seal this with either clear spray paint or a layer of clear acrylic paint, or even clear nail polish!  Just make sure NOT to get the clear layer on any part of the shoe that will touch the ground, so that it doesn’t make the shoes slippery.  You should then lint roll off any glitter that made it onto your shoe.  Because glitter gets everywhere.  Don’t look like a stripper on your wedding day.

Happy planning!