Christmas at Disney

Now that I’ve been home for a while and everything is back to normal, I’ve been meaning to share what I did over Christmas with everyone.  This is not wedding or party related at all but I got an A for sharing in kindergarten.  The husband and I went down to Florida to visit his brother and our {very future *hopefully*} sister in law who took us to Disney for Christmas day and Christmas Eve.  Valerie is going to kill me for posting that.  Christmas also is my husband’s birthday, so it was a two-fer!  See what we were up to-

Animal Kingdom Safari

Animal Kingdom on the first day

Disney face!

Disney Face! My husband, Alan on the left, Michael, his brother and Valerie on the right

Animal kingdom crocodiles and giraffes

We were on the hunt for crocodile sightings the whole time in Florida.  We finally saw them!

Animal Kingdom

Everyone in front of one of the Animal Kingdom rides and me by the tree of life (dark picture, but cool tree)

Animal kingdom bar

One of our stops on the {self-led} Disney bar tour.  This was the African beer I had.  It wasn’t really my thing, too hoppy.

Animal kingdom

Cool shot of the hippo at the park {excuse me, random elbow}

We stopped for some food in Asia while at the park, and mosied on to Dino Land.

Dino Land

These pictures make me laugh

We went to the Tree of Life where we saw a really cute show with the Ant from Bugs Life.  I got freaked out by the spiders in the show…. I. Hate. Spiders.

Then it was off to Epcot!


The rest of the pictures are a mixture of certain parks between day 1 and 2.  We bounced around between the parks a lot so I’ll spare you the boring itinerary

Valerie {future sister in law} at Epcot

We saw all the countries at Epcot and stopped for another bar tour…

Margaritas and Dos Equis on the right and my FAV blueberry lemonade on the left

Then it was nighttime! Let the ooohing begin!


Disney Face!

So sad this picture came out so dark, but it’s the only one that turned out of all 4 of us!

We went to Hollywood Studios for most of Christmas day, and the best part about it was Christmas Town, a light show and display put on at night.  So so cool!

Christmas Town, Hollywood Studios

The light show was set to music, and it “snowed” during some parts

Christmas Town

Alan and I trying on hats.  I wanted those Minnie ears SO bad, and I ended up getting a pair before I left!

Then it was off to Magic Kingdom.  We literally had to run to catch the fireworks (thanks to Nolan who made us miss the rail! )

Disney Castle

Disney castle fireworks

Disney Castle Fireworks

Disney castle

So beautiful.  It’s definitely magical.  And now I can cross going to Disney on Christmas off of my bucket list!