Wedding Trend ~ A new spin on your bridal bouquet

So are you recovered from Christmas??  I hope you got everything your heart desired and your families didn’t drive you nuts.

I have always enjoyed seeing what brides, florists, planners and creative people alike have come up with for alternatives to the traditional wedding bouquet.  You’ve seen the broach bouquet, button flower bouquets, felt bouquets etc.  and I have run across a new idea- produce bouquets.

vegetable and produce bridal bouquet

Photo by Bob Updegrove Photography

The bride above and her husband had backgrounds in nutrition and physical training, and so she wanted to use produce in her bouquet.  I am a huge fan of this because it brings something unexpected to the bride’s bouquet, but you really have to look close to see that it’s not your traditional flowers.

I whipped up a centerpiece display for this year’s Friendsgiving, and really wanted to use some kind of cabbage in the centerpiece but had a hard time finding something that would work with the shapes that  I planned to use.  So instead, I bought some brussels sprouts and placed them in with the foliage.  Friends loved the idea of repurposing the sprouts, and I felt creative for doing it.

I’ve put together a few inspiration boards for all the beautiful things you can really do with this idea!

Fruit bouquets- Pomegranates, cabbage and cherries

Fruit and produce bridal bouquet

Sources clockwise from left to right-  Wedding Chicks and Weddings At Work for the other 2

Artichoke bouquets and centerpiece

artichoke bouquets and centerpieces

Sources clockwise from left to right- Documentary Associates Photography, Studio Stems & The Flower Kiosk

And for the Groom…..

berry and carrot groom's boutonniere

Sources, left to right- Ghost Academy and

What do you think of these alternate takes to the traditional bouquet?  Would you do this for your wedding?

Happy Planning!