A fresh approach to the candy buffet

Howdy!  I just got back in from Florida today, and thought I would do a quick post I’ve had drafted for a while about candy buffets.  I have so many pictures from Florida to share with you, but until I get them all set up and answer all these emails, I’ll leave you with this post.

There is something so cute about miniature things.  Small dogs, babies, the salt and pepper shakers they bring you with room service.  The same applies for mini desserts.  Dessert and candy bars have been popular at weddings and events for quite some time now, but I am seeing some fresh ideas on this tried trend all over the place.

We’ve seen cake pops, cupcakes and all that, so I went on a quest to find some different ideas on these dessert bars-


Donut wedding bar or buffet

Sources top to bottom- Yan Photography & Cherry Tea Cakes

wedding donuts and coffee donuts

Intimate Weddings


pretzel wedding buffet

Sources top to bottom- Martha Stewart & SimmerTillDone


Mini pie wedding display

Sources clockwise top left to right- The Bride’s Cafe, Martha Stewart.com, Borrowed and BlueAdventures in Cooking,

Cupcake topping bar {I’m a sucker for build your own “something” bars!}

build your own cupcake topping bar

all images from A Beautiful Mess

Mini Cinnamon Buns

Heart and mini cinnamon buns wedding

Left to right- Kitchen Goddess, Artisan Bread in Five, Pie Wacket

Mmmmm I’m hungry.  What do you think of these alternatives??