Children’s Party Inspiration~ Wall Decals

Sup?  I’m kinda tired of thinking of Christmas themed things so I thought I would take a bit of a break and talk about something I found that made me smile.

I was on the other day {actually, this is weird, I was on tonight, but I scheduled this post in advance since I’m in FL as you are reading this.  It’s like a blog time warp} and saw something I wanted to share.

all from Gilt is a members only sale store, so these items won’t be for sale in 2 more days.  The prices for these products varied, but they were around $30-$40 for each set
I saw these products and I thought about how I could use them in my party planning and my imagination started going.  I want to try to make these with some white contact paper sprayed or painted with either chalkboard paint or different colors, then you can punch or cut out the shapes and apply them to whatever surface you want.  Plus, the contact paper is like $3 for a long roll so it’s a really inexpensive way to temporarily decorate.
You can see a project I did using contact paper here.  It’s a similar idea, I want to try it!
Do you have any projects you’ve done that are similar?
Happy Planning!