Honeydew It Yourself…. Saturday

This week has been weird.  I feel abnormally unorganized.  With a big photo shoot coming up this week, getting the house cleaned before I leave for non-Christmas vaycay, getting a new back door installed {which means a completely disorganized kitchen},  family drama and crazy insane neighbor drama, I feel all over the place!  Oh, also my internet has been super unreliable this week-hence my being MIA this week- but I was able to nip that problem in the bud yesterday thanks {and because of} Apple and Verizon.

The neighbor drama did not include me, but from it sure sounded like they wanted everyone to hear….

So in my effort to get things back to normal before I leave for vaycay, I am posting a HDIY today.  It’s not Friday, but you’re just going to have to overlook that.

Here is a tutorial for fringed and ruffled paper streamers!  I love this project because an hour in front of the TV with your sewing machine and $1 roll of streamers gets you an awesome twist on a classic party staple.

ruffled paper streamer tutorial

You will need:

NOTE:  You can use this same tutorial for the ruffled streamers and layer the streamers together to create a wider and more colorful set of streamers

Paper streamers in any color- 3 rolls for the layered streamer look

thread in a coordinating or matching color

a sewing machine

a dowel rod- you’ll see


We will start with the fringed streamers first.

Get yourself organized!  I sat on my couch for this one.  Slip a dowel rod or a long stick or straw through the center of the roll of streamers.

Fold the streamers over on itself to create layers.

Cut fringes into both sides of the streamers.  Be careful not to cut all the way through the center.

fringed paper streamer tutorial

I found this idea online after the fact, and this is a great idea too

image found at Jessica Anne Designs


Now for the ruffled streamers.  Get yourself organized here, too.  Since you need the streamers to lay flat and not coil up on you, it’s important that you don’t just set the roll down on the floor and pull because the line will fold over on itself.  So using the method above, or what I did below, get your area organized


ruffled paper streamer tutorial


On your sewing machine, you want to set the tension of the thread up high.  For my machine, this meant a setting of zero and a stitch length setting of 4.5



Start sewing!  The machine will start feeding the streamer through, and ruffles will magically appear in the wake of the presser foot.  I had to pull my streamers through very gently, my machine didn’t like the high thread tension setting.  If you need to pull the streamers through, pull by the thread NOT by the paper, it will rip very easily.

For the layered variation I mentioned earlier, stack 3 rolls of streamers together, one on either side of a middle piece.  Sew straight down the middle, making sure the machine catches all 3 layers.

Ruffled streamers

For these spiral streamers, I simply twisted the streamers in a clockwise motion.  They look so pretty!ruffled streamers

I put together this tutorial because of a project I put together for a client.  I can’t show any images from the event quite yet, but I will share a sneak peek from it as soon as I can!

Happy Planning, and Happy Weekend!