Letter from Santa- Stationery download

As Christmas gets closer and closer, I find myself thinking that it just doesn’t feel like the Holidays.  I think this is mostly because I am not a child anymore, and it just now started getting cold here in Virginia.  It is also partially because my husband and I are not really “doing Christmas” this year with the presents and big dinner since we are running away to Florida for that week.  But I am desperate to get that Christmas feeling nonetheless.  So we have put up our tree, and last night a girlfriend and I had craft night where we made some awesome colorful ornaments {I will be sharing the DIY with you this Friday} and my husband has put up the lights outside, but I’m still not getting that Christmas feeling….

In hindsight, the zombie show we watched while making the ornaments I’m sure didn’t help….

While on the quest to capture the Christmas feeling, I was searching online, and I came across this great idea for Stationery from Santa {that he leaves when you leave him milk and cookies} to give that Christmas spirit to your little ones!  It is downloadable and free, courtesy of Catherine at Design Editor.

I’ve been sitting here for the better part of the hour trying to finish this quick post, but find myself gazing off and reminiscing about when my dad and grandma used to leave me letters from Santa when I was little.  I still have them somewhere.  I remember as I got older and older that I thought Santa’s writing looked scarily similar to my grandmas….

So thanks, Catherine for sharing this great printable with us, and thank you more for giving me a little of that Christmas feeling I’ve been searching for this year.  I’m starting to find it.

You can find the printable over on Design Editor’s page here.  I would love to see what you do with this Stationery this year!

Happy Planning!