Thanksgiving Inspiration

I am posting much much later than usual today.  I was feeling a bit gross earlier and slept most of the day, BUT I wanted to be sure to post for 2 reasons today.

First- To announce the winner of Ello There’s VVW {Vendor Vail Wednesday} giveaway that ended today.  You can see what the giveaway was here.  The winner {drawn by} was comment #18- Ashley “Their unique family portrait idea is cute. I’d pick one of the last two designs.”  I will be contacting you to direct you on how to redeem your prize Ashley, congratulations!

Second reason- to share a bit of last minute Thanksgiving table inspiration.  I hosted our first annual “Friendsgiving” potluck on Monday, and minus having an extremely stressful day for other reasons, dinner was fabulous.  Lots of wine, good friends, and time spent together with friends that have increasingly busy schedules.  It was so nice to have everyone take a few minutes out of their week to get together.

Knowing that I wanted to share this tablescape with you, I came up with a color palette that I shared earlier this week, but because of my choices with linen color at Target, I ended up tweaking the color palette a bit.  This is the final result

To keep the table from looking to Christmas-y, I wanted to add other elements other than green and “red” {in this case, a wine color}.  So here is the final product!

This floral arrangement was made with Safari leaf, hypericum berries, a mystery red leaf and brussels sprouts.  I wanted to incorporate an “unusual” element, like the image on the inspiration board.  I would have liked a ruffly, full cabbage or something along those lines but did not find anything that I liked, so I went with these options.

Now for dessert….

Puff pastry wrapped poached peaches topped with Honey, vanilla and cinnamon syrup.  I will DEFINITELY be making these again….  I’ll post a link on where I found this recipe which also shares how to make these.  I do wish my pears had nice little stems on them, but my local grocery store doesn’t have the best selection… I was happy they had enough for me to make one for everyone

Here is the recipe.  My variation:

poach the pears in the original recipe that she links to {I think it’s Pepperidge Farm’s site}

after the pears have poached, when it is time to reduce the syrup, switch to Sprinkle Bake’s variation, and add the cinnamon and honey.

This made the pears flavorful, but added a natural sweetness from the sauce that balanced with the flavor of the pears.  This was a hit, looks fancy and was pretty easy.

NOTE, way easier to core the pears if you have a melon baller.  I don’t own one, and it was really tricky trying to core it and keep the stem intact

So HAPPY THANKSGIVING everyone!  I would love to hear what you are making for dinner!

Happy Planning!