“Up” House Photo Shoot Inspiration

I love when things just fall into my lap without having to look for them…. I just came across this amazing shoot from The Goodness Photo & Design of a couple who did an anniversary photo shoot at the “Up” house {you know, the movie}.  I HAD to share! Photography by Blue Lily Photography

It’s rare that I see anything truly unique anymore, and it’s so refreshing when I do.  Not to say I don’t get inspired by things, or think they are creative, wonderful and gorgeous but trends get passed around and things start to look the same after a while.  This shoot really is something special.  I have to do some research to find out more about this house!

I ADORE this shoot, and am in love with this couple.  Be still my heart…. what a great idea, thank you for sharing this!  I am so inspired by this image, especially since I just posted on yesterday’s VVW feature about Ello There, who is doing a giveaway for this balloon print… too funny…

I would post all these photos, but alas they are not mine to pass around, so you can find the full posting here!

Happy Planning!