Honeydew It Yourself Friday! Lighting Projects

In keeping with this week’s focus of event lighting, I thought I would provide a few great links to some lighting projects that can give your home or event a little wow.  By no means do these projects provide the wow factor that Blue Steel Lighting can provide, but it’s a good start 🙂


  Brenna’s Paper Capiz Shell Chandelier via DesignSponge

One way to transform your bland space with a small impact on your wallet is to upgrade lighting figxtures.  This applies to your home as well as an event space.  I found one great DIY tutorial for a statement chandelier (that can be customized to any color you would like with a little more effort) from Design Sponge.  The complete tutorial can be found here.

They created a faux Capiz Shell Chandelier out of wax paper and a hanging planter basket.  I’m going to have to remember this project for myself!

{Photos from Design Sponge linked above}

This is a pretty good knock off if you ask me….

Maya’s Twinkle Board via Design Sponge

I am imagining this next project as an oversized background to a wedding with monograms or a saying, or a small installation on a child’s themed birthday party (stars, a shape), or simply a statement piece on your mantle.  This tutorial is also courtesy of Design Sponge and you can find the entire set of instructions here.

Get creative with what you could create this on- an old piece of barn wood, a door, a hanging basket or contraption of some kind, or a chalkboard.

{Photos from Design Sponge linked above}

Whitney’s Mason Jar Lights via Design Sponge

My final lighting inspiration is also from Design Sponge (very handy today).  If you are into the big Mason Jar trend that is HUGE right now, then this may be the DIY for ya.

I am thinking that unless you have some experience with lighting and electrical work, you may want to opt for a battery operated LED light inside these babies instead of actual light bulbs.  However, creating hanging lights isn’t that difficult and is easy to learn (thank you to my VCU sculpture professor for teaching me this useful skill).  But please don’t learn on this project. Please.

I am imagining this project in several different ways, which I will expand upon below.

Whitney’s original Mason Jar hanging lights.  The full tutorial may be found here.  Wouldn’t these be great haning from some trees outside with some LED’s inside?

 {image from Design Sponge, linked above}

Spiral hanging Mason Jar lights found from Luxury Housing Trends. I’m sure this costs a small fortune, but luckily you have the base to a great project that you can easily expand upon- probably using a wooden floral ring painted and drilled with appropriately spaced holes (as long as it is not bearing the weight of the lights and simply spacing the lights.

{image from Luxury Housing Trends, linked above}

Or finally some yard stakes with a mason jar lantern on top.  How cute!  I am thinking that this project can be created yourself, and I’ll list out how I think it can be done (I have not actually tried this, mind you).  But you can always order the stakes shown below on Etsy!

So I am thinking that a simpler version of this can be made somehow.  How about this:

a long, thin wooden stake or a dowel rod, pointed at the tip

a circular wooden disc roughly a little smaller than the base of a mason jar

a mason jar

wood glue

a drill

a drill bit the width of the dowel rod

a hammer or mallet

super glue like E6000 (something that dries clear)

Imaginary tutorial:

Drill a hole in the center of the circular disc.  Put a bit of wood glue inside.  Insert the non-pointed end of the dowel rod and hammer the disc so it is flush with the end of the rod.

Paint the rod whatever color you would like, or stain it.

Glue the mason jar to the top of the rod and let it set for 24 hours

I suppose that you would have to make sure the ground was soft enough to be able to insert the post rather easily as hammering it in would prove rather difficult.  I’m going to try this tutorial sometime and I’ll let you know how it works out.  It may have to wait until summer though!

I hope these tutorials prove helpful in some capacity for your event!  Or you could always hire Honeydew Events to create your next event for you! Until next time!

Happy Planning!