Pumpkin Carving Party

Every year my husband and I make it a point to go buy some pumpkins together and carve them together.  Honestly I’m amazed that we’ve been able to keep this going as a little tradition between us for about 6 years now, but I guess that’s just how awesome my husband is 😀

{pumpkins from years before, pictures aren’t the best:}

So this year we decided to throw a pumpkin carving party to get some friends together for a little while and spread the tradition!  I knew I wanted to make it kinda relaxed, but I still had to give it that Honeydew Flare!  I went with an orange, grey and red color palette.  There were a few things I knew that I wanted to incorporate, like a Candy Apple Bar and a specialty cocktail, amongst other things so here is what I came up with!

I used 2 older wooden tables that I had around the house.  The table on the right was my dad’s old drafting table from his days at VMI

Rotten Pumpkin Cocktail:  V8 Fusion Peach Mango juice over ice topped with Captain Morgan’s Tattoo.  I am so addicted to this cocktail it’s not funny.  Really.

My friend Christina loved it too

Glittered pumpkin centerpiece.  I plan on reusing this for Thanksgiving.  A DIY tutorial will be posted soon, though it is as easy as it looks

The candy apple bar came with caramel and chocolate as well as chopped nuts, chopped white chocolate, brown sugar cinnamon, chopped reeses cups and chocolate sprinkles.  The toppings were served in carved out mini-pumpkins {I had to line them in wax paper so that the toppings didn’t get all mushy}

We also served homemade Turkey Chili.  This is the second turkey chili recipe I’ve tried and I have to admit it’s not my favorite of the 2.  I served it with Fritos Scoops {not shown} and it was a good pair to nibble on.

Glittered apples for the candy apple bar decorations

The apples below have black chop sticks for the handles to make them look a little different and elegant with the long handles

Handy Dandy Tools: many years of collecting pumpkin carving tools like saws and template tracers, spoons, large knives, scissors, tape and an ice cream scoop which is great for scraping down thick pumpkins.

I stored it all in this vintage style red tin cup carrier on the work table

My friend Jennifer digging into her pumpkin

Alan and My pumpkins!  We did decide to use craft pumpkins this year so we can make a collection of pumpkins.  One day we want like 100 lit pumpkins in our front yard.  One day.

We had such a great time throwing this party!  I wish I had gotten some pictures of some of the candy apples we made but believe me they were good.  I’m a sucker for a food bar of any kind.  Remember the hot dog bar?