Beer Tasting Party

Wine is so yesterday… {which is actually true, I had some last night!}  I have been to so many wine tastings I can’t possibly remember them all.  However, when was the last time you went to a beer tasting party?  I had the amazing opportunity to plan a beer tasting party for a client and dear friend near D.C. this past weekend as a semi-housewarming and client get-together.  Of course I want to share everything with you, so here is some inspiration from the beer tasting party this weekend!

The following is the original mood board that I assembled that she picked out of the 3 choices.  I originally thought a sweet potato topping bar would be a great idea for the party but we ended up going with a Hot Dog Bar instead.

Guests walked in to this table set up with glasses and “directions” for the party

These note cards were made from some blank cards I found for a total of $3.  I then wrote in the basic classifications for the beers inside and guests made notes of the beers they tried throughout the night

These handstamped cocktail napkins were made for less than $2

mmmm, milk stout….

Inspired by the Hot Doggery in Savannah, GA where Barbie (the hostess) and her husband had just visited, the menu was a little inspiration from them and a lot of fun for me

I bet I can pick out which of those caps I contributed!  This was my favorite decorative piece, the bottle caps really tied in the theme I think

Guinness Cupcakes with Bailey’s Icing.  They were a hit

The Hot Dog Bar!  My favorite combination was:

Hot Dog, Siracha Ranch, Turkey Chili, Jack Daniels Onions and Bean Sprouts

Barbie, the hostess, getting her hot dog together

Outside we did have “Brown Bag Beer Pong” but unfortunately none of the pictures really turned out from that.  The guests did have fun playing that though.  I had a great time putting all of this together! I think the fun elements that were tied into the entire party played well off the sophisticated color scheme and decorations.  Thanks for having me put this together for you Barbie!

Photography by yours truly, I’m amazed any of the pictures turned out at all 🙂

All design, graphics and paper products by Honeydew Events

Round lanterns from Oriental Trading Company

Flat accordion lanterns from Party City and spray painted