Alice in Wonderland Mood Board Options

After a great consultation with a client to talk about her daughter’s Alice in Wonderland themed first birthday party yesterday, I thought I would share some of the mood boards I created for the event.  These mood boards are created and inspired from the color palette options created for her several weeks ago.

Disney Themed Alice in Wonderland Board:

  Margaret {the client} loved the playfulness of this board and how child-like the colors are.  We bounced some great ideas off each other that I think will work wonderfully for this party!

{all photos were pulled from Pinterest, after searching “Alice in Wonderland”}

Glam Alice in Wonderland Board:

Margaret loved the sophisticated color scheme of this option, but perhaps was a bit too adult for a child’s birthday, especially her first 🙂

{All photos were pulled from Pinterest, after searching “Alice in Wonderland”}

Vintage/Muted Alice in Wonderland Board:

This final option may have been Margaret’s favorite.  Having tea at a local shop here in Richmond with her mom was one of the memories she talked about when looking at this board.  The soft, etherial colors and loose setup are what stood out.

{Also pulled from Pinterest after searching “Alice in Wonderland”}

So what was the decision?? I COULD keep you waiting to find out but I’m too excited about this party to do that to you.  The final decision was a mesh of the Disney Board and the Vintage Board, tying childish fun into a vintage style.  This party is being hosted in November, so more to come on this theme after a while!