Color Palette Options for an Alice In Wonderland Birthday Party

Here are some color options I have come up with for an Alice In Wonderland Themed Birthday Party later this year.  The mom has come up with the cutest party name but I will wait to share all those details {I know, it’s mean but you’ll thank me later}.

When the mom contacted me and told me she thought she was leaning towards this theme I was ecstatic.  I have a whole seperate idea book for an Alice in Wonderland theme that I have been DYING to design and throw for a client.  Who knew it would be so soon? I thought I would have to wait ages for someone to come along for this great news!  It is so hard for me not to talk about all the ideas I have and want to put together!

The following four color schemes are choices for the decor and party vibe.  Which oh which will she choose??

Option 1: Blue Apron Color Scheme.  This was inspired by a beautiful blue balloon picture which in turn was inspired by the original Alice In Wonderland book.

blue, aqua purple and red color palette, Alice in Wonderland


Option 2:  Disney Alice in Wonderland Color Palette.  What would be more appropriate for a child’s birthday party than a Disney theme?

Tim Burton Alice in Wonderland color palette, red, orange, green, purple


Option 3: Vintage Alice in Wonderland Color Palette.  This was based more on the idea and the feel I got when I was younger and read the book.

Vintage Alice in Wonderland Color Palette, red, green, yellow, blue

Option 4: Glam Queen of Hearts Color Palette- This sophisticated and girly color palette is inspired by the Queen of Hearts.  Bold but still delicate and girly while powerful and sophisticated.

Glam Alice in Wonderland Color Palette, queen of hearts

inspiration was from a gorgeous White Rabbit Inspired Bridal Photo Shoot I found somewhere, that alas, I can’t find again.

So which is your favorite? I know what mine is, and I’m keeping my fingers crossed that it’s the direction we go from what mom has told me she likes.  So many wonderful ideas are forming in my head already!  Until next time!