Sesame Street Themed Birthday Party

I have been brainstorming on an upcoming 3rd birthday party for my friend’s darling little man (in June).  He LOVES Sesame Street and I have been toying with the idea of theming his party around it.  His mom thinks this would be fun since this is the last year he could potentially be into this still.  In his defense, I watched Sesame Street until I was like, 12, and Alan, my husband has sat down and watched it with him on more than one occasion (recently….).  So there is hope that he will still love Elmo and Big Bird next year.

After getting some inspiration online, I have assembled the following mood board.  Emmy, what do you think??

Sesame street color palette, red, orange, yellow, green and blue, primary colors

Sesame street mood board, red, orange, yellow, green and blue, primary colors

From top left:  Kara’s Party Ideas {also used for Oscar’s Trash Can Toss, Elmo Cupcakes and Invitation}

Cookie Monster Cake: Kids Birthday Party Guide 

 The ideas I posted on the mood board are really fun, but I of course want to put my personal spin on things.  I do most everything myself for these parties, and the Cookie Monster cake would allow me to be able to make the cake and save some money for the mom.  I may start working on some ideas for the invitations and post them up here soon as well.

Until next time!