Lemonade Themed Invitations

Well, I am sad to say that it has been a while since I have posted…. I have missed it!!  The past couple weeks have been rather dramatic in my life, way more so than usual.  I will be happy once things calm down and go back to normal!

I have been keeping myself busy with upcoming events in something I call my spare time (haven’t said that phrase in a while….).  The Vintage Lemonade Stand Photo Shoot is coming up on May 16th and I am ridiculously busy getting things ready for it!  This is my first staged photo shoot and for those of you who have not seen from previous posts, I am doing this in collaboration with my photographer, Audra Wrisley with Audra Wrisley Photography {check out her newly designed website! It’s gorgeous!} and Shannon Wilson with LolahPOP! Vintage Baby who is designing and sewing the children’s clothing for the shoot.

Check out the related link in my archives for the color palette for the shoot —>

Anyhoo, I wanted to share the work I have been doing in getting some of the paper products for the shoot designed.  There will be lots more of this after the shoot but I would like to share as a teaser for now!

The shoot as I said is Vintage Lemonade Stand themed, and while the shooting itself will be fun, we wanted to be able to turn this shoot into a party theme as well.  For that reason, I have created 3 separate invitations to use for either a backyard summer party or a child’s birthday party. There will be several variations of these themes within the shoot, so those will be posted later.  Please let me know what you think!

These invitations are available for purchase!  If you would like more information on any quantity or a mixture of these invitations printed with the party information, please email me at: HoneydewEventPlanning {AT} gmail.com

Lemonade, pink lemonade party invitation, vintage
Lemonade, pink lemonade party invitation, vintage

Lemonade, pink lemonade party invitation, vintage
I am excited to see these photographed and all set up after they are printed!  Everything is starting to come together and I can’t believe it’s already May!  Until next time!