Registry Ideas

Once you are ready to start your gift registry, you have to decide what you would like to register for.  Are you and your fiancée getting ready to move into a space together? Are you getting ready to expand or upgrade your home? Do you both have established homes and have no need for more dishes or another Foreman Grill? Traditional registries are great, and very very useful but they do not meet everyone’s needs all the time.

I love ideas that think out of the gift box so for my readers out there, I have compiled a list of some great ideas for gift registries.

NOTE: Think about consulting a travel agent.  There is generally no extra charge to you for using one depending on the company you use, and they have great insight into deals and destinations out there.  I used one for our honeymoon and she was able to answer a ton of questions and provide tips that many of the travellers we talked to along the way took years to figure out. The wedding is enough to plan, let someone help you with the honeymoon so you can enjoy your time with your new beau!

Online Registries: is a free online gift registry allowing you to add any item from any online store to one registry.  This registry also allows you to add a toolbar to the top of your browser page to add any items you run across to your registry.  This company also provides a baby registry. is a great gift registry if you are looking for lots of different or specific things but are looking for just one place to find them all.  You can also create wish lists if you are looking for a non-wedding registry. is a free online gift registry allowing additions of items from any website onto one registry.  This site provides you with price updates if an item goes on sale (great for guests) or is not available anymore.  They also provide other lists for registry needs such as christmas wish lists, birthdays or other events.

Honeymoon Registries: A honeymoon registry is for a couple who may like to have the vacation of their dreams instead of a traditional wedding registry.  Generally they allow guests to make contributions to one large fund as a wedding gift.  They do operate differently, as specified below. is my number one recommendation for an online Honeymoon registry.  This is a free site that allows contributions via PayPal or other options, where PayPal charges nominal fees for transactions (somewhere around 3%).  This site offers the least expensive fees per transaction.  The way Honeyfund works is you provide some basic information about your destination and your plans, and you set up individual “gifts” based on your plans.  For instance, you ask for 18 gifts worth $50 each for you and your spouse to fly to Hawaii, or 5 gifts of $20 each for souvenirs, etc.  This allows your guests to feel like they are purchasing a gift for your instead of just giving you money.  There is a paid subscription option allowing a personalized page with pictures and personalized options. provides a free online registry for the honeymoon.  The page is structured similarly to the site above as to how “gifts” are referenced.  A personalized web page is included in a free subscription to this website.  A service charge is charged per transaction for guests wishing to purchase a gift.  The fee varies from 5.5%-7.5% depending on the contribution.  The service charge is less the higher the amount of the gift is purchased is.  The cost is free to the bride and groom but the fee is for the guests.  This site does offer a more comprehensive array of deals and ideas for honeymoon destinations as well as a wealth of contact information with travel agents.

NOTE: while Honeymoon registries are more exciting than those plates from Target or Crate and Barrel, they do come with a hitch.  Traditional wedding gifts are given closer to the wedding date, while vacation plans must be made and plane ticket and hotel reservations purchased well before most guests are thinking of what gift to buy.  You may end up having to front that money yourself and hope that guests chip in later to help you with your dream vacation.  Added luxuries like a massage, snorkeling, hiking or dinner can be purchased by guests when they please since these are not things that need to be booked too far in advance.

I will add that my husband and I went this route for our wedding registry and it worked out well.  We took a cruise and we were able to avoid having to pay for the trip up front by doing the following {this worked for us, but it is not for everyone}- we took a mini-moon at a local 5 star historic hotel the night of the wedding and we waited about 6 weeks after the wedding to take our honeymoon to get our affairs in order and have time to settle in before taking on another big project. This took me a while to agree to since I wanted to leave right away but this actually allowed us to save some money by travelling off-season.  By waiting a few weeks to leave, we were able to pay for the trip with all the gifts collected from the wedding. Had we left right away, we would have had difficulties getting to the bank and making deposits before we left.  We kept an eye on the exact cruise we wanted to take and by booking closer to the date, we snagged a deal for the both of us through the company.  It allowed us to make sure all our wedding expenses were taken care of without having to stress on how we could afford the vacation of our dreams. It took a lot of planning and coordination, and it was stressful waiting until closer to the date but we stayed on top of the planning and we made some amazing memories in the first few months of marriage.

Other Creative Registries: allows guests to purchase stock options for a couple. This allows them to save for milestones in their lives such as a new home, a car, retirement or an addition to the family. There is a fee schedule of $5-$20 depending on how you would like to purchase your options or what you would like included. is a way to register for charities.  Register to have money donated to your favorite charity or even in lieu of wedding favors! allows wedding wishes from couples to come true.  Wish for a new home, a bathroom renovation, a new kitchen, a car, and have your guests help you with your dreams.  Fees are added to guests purchasing gifts.


Whichever way you go- either online or with that registry gun, have fun registering for the items that will help you and your spouse build a future together!  Happy planning!