HoneyDOES: Coffee bar

As some of you may know, I am all about interactive ideas at receptions.  Involve your guests and they have an experience they will remember.  One idea for an upcoming wedding in the fall that we have been working on is a coffee bar.  You could put coffee and some cups out on a table with some sugar and leave it at that OR you could Honeydew it up {cheesy} and take it up two notches.

For this coffee bar we are planning on making it a visual accessory to the reception and bar.  Two silver coffee urns filled with regular and decaf on a table with cups, assorted sugars and coffee flavorings.  We are using Monin flavors in Hazelnut and Vanilla.  We also chose to make coffee stirrers dipped in chocolate to display at the table as well.  Here are the directions:


popsicle sticks- {chosen for the length and cost effectiveness, you could use spoons, or wooden spoons like you find on some ice cream cups}

meltable chocolate {we used Wilton light chocolate}

double boiler setup


wax paper



Set up sheets of wax paper on a flat surface and have all of your materials handy.  Set up your double boiler setup {this can be done several ways.  The most ideal way is to own a double boiler.  Otherwise you can set a pot inside another with water in the larger pot, or if you have metal or glass bowls, set the bowl on top of a pot, making sure that the bowl is larger than the mouth of the pot, and the water doesn’t overflow after the bowl is set in} Once the chocolate is melting, it is VERY IMPORTANT NOT TO LET WATER GET INTO THE CHOCOLATE- it will ruin the consistency of the chocolate and make it non-dippable.


{I tried using the ice water to harden the chocolate so they would not be flat on the back but that did not work. Disregard the ice water}


Heat the water in the double boiler setup and pour in the chocolate pieces. Stir the chocolate in the top half of the boiler until it is melted, again being careful not to get any water into the chocolate.  Use medium or medium low heat so as not to burn the chocolate as well.





Dip the popsicle sticks {or whatever you are using} into the melted chocolate.  Make sure to stir the stick in the chocolate to cover both sides and then scoop a bit of the chocolate with the stick as you pull it out to get a little mound of chocolate on the stick.  If you are using spoons, one dip is sufficient.



Do this until you have enough for 1.5 per guest.  Not everyone will use one but some may use two.  Lay out on the wax paper until they harden and store in sealed plastic bags until use and store in a cool place.


I am thinking about stamping the popsicle sticks with the couple’s initials to personalize these a bit more. This entire project cost $4 and the bag of chocolate made over 100 stir sticks.

I am dying to post pictures of what the coffee bar will look like once everything is done but that has to wait until this fall.  For now, more projects will be posted in the next week or two!