How Men and Women See Color

While tweeting today and obsessively following new people, I came across a link that one, made me laugh, and two, made me laugh harder because it’s true.

How Men and Women See Color:

Now, having an extensive artistic background myself, I started thinking about how I see a definite difference between the colors above.  I then started laughing because of all the times my husband has tried {succeeded} to pluck my nerves because we argued about a specific color for something in our home.  I then started thinking about a funny story my dad was telling me several years ago about travelling and being in so many airports and how luggage has become so personalized.  He got on his high horse about someone’s Chartreuse luggage and I looked at him and said “you have no idea what color that really is, do you?” and he looked at me and said “no, I just made that up.  Is it pink?”.  I laughed harder than I probably should have, but this is a case in point for the image above.

I showed my husband this picture to pick his funny brain on insight as to why men see colors in such a …… well….. black and white spectrum.  His insight was “why give all those colors specific names? I can’t remember them all.  It’s either light blue or dark blue. Or maybe a blue-green.  I have better things to do than worry about all the colors in a Crayola box.”  Yep. That’s what I thought.  {Do keep in mind that when it came to the shade of red in our living room though, he was picky that it be deep enough. He now calls it his Marine Red room. Hmm. Selective caring I think.}

So, to relate this to your planning process; you may be stressing out over the exact shade of the tablecloths, and whether that ivory is too yellow, but remember that the details do matter, but your new husband is only going to be looking at you.  If the worst thing that happens on your big day is your linens came in polyester instead of cotton then one, you should have hired me, and two, that is a good day in the spectrum of things. 🙂

Thank you to Austin Weddings for my inspiration today on twitter!

Happy planning!