Something Blue

I was perusing the Ruffled blog today and something caught my eye.  It got me thinking about the traditional poem we all know~

“Something old, something new

Something borrowed, something blue

And a silver sixpence in her shoe”

The last line is not as commonly known, I did not know there was a third line at least.  I did a bit of research after seeing this poem and decided this would be my post today.

Many say this wedding tradition was started in the Victorian Era.  Everything in this poem is meant to be a good-luck token for the bride.  The “something old” is meant to bring something from the Bride’s family line from the past, to ensure continutity into the future.  “Something New” symbolizes optimism and good fortune for the bride and her new husband in the time ahead.  “Something Borrowed” was usually something borrowed from an older, established female member of the family, to carry her good luck with the new Bride into the start of her new family.

The “Something Blue” is the most interesting part of the poem in my opinion.  The color blue has been connected to wedding traditions for centuries.  The color blue is historically connected to purity, while the white dress is currently associated to virginity.  Brides in ancient Rome traditionally wore blue to symbolize their fideltiy, purity and youth.  The Virgin Mary has been dressed in blue by Christians for ages and the color has come to be associated with purity.  Before the late 19th century, blue was a popular color for wedding gowns in the Western hemisphere.  The saying “Marry in blue, lover be true” was considered popular advice by wives across the Western world.  It was not actually until Queen Victoria married Albert of Saxe-Coburg in a white dress {to feature some lace she wanted to wear} that white wedding gowns became a popular choice for brides to wear during the wedding ceremony.

As far as the “Silver sixpence in her shoe”, the left foot was favorable if you were wondering, it was meant to carry the luck further.  The sixpence was of course meant to represent welath and financial security.  Now, a nickel or copper penny is subsituted for the sixpence option in the US, but many companies make commemorative coins for your ceremony.

So, with all that in mind, as a semi-traditionalist, I am glad to have followed all the traditions myself on my wedding day.  A bit of history to enlighten all of you tying the knot out there.

Now for some eye-candy:

baby blue wedding dress

blue wedding dress

wedding dress with blue sash

blue wedding shoesmanolo blahnik, martinez valero, zoie-tiffany, and unknown

blue wedding shoes, vintagevintage inspired

Until tomorrow!