Warm outdoor event activities

Not that I am surprised in the least bit but this Virginia weather is really toying with me.  A week ago today it was a beautiful 80 degrees, slight wind, sunny. Ohhh. Today, sunny but a brisk high 50’s.

With the warm weather approaching I see all the restaurant regulars getting spring fever.  Everyone has been attempting to break through the winter blues and find things to do outside.  This has gotten me thinking about some ways to get your party-goers outside instead of keeping them cooped up inside.

Instead of focusing on traditional ideas for outdoor partying {cookouts, 4th of July, etc.} I wanted to put a spin on a party you may have already been planning or plan on planning.  If it is during a warm-weather season, why not give your guests some interactive activities {redundant?} to give your party a kick in the energy department {there is nothing worse than a dull party, no matter how beautiful it may be}.

A favorite in the South (and now with a lot of couples all over) has always been croquet.  This is a relatively simple game where you can play in teams or as individuals which is perfect for events.  It requires only an open field, a few mallets {the thing you hit the ball with}, nine wickets {what you pass the ball under}, two stakes and a couple of balls.  Plus you look stylish and classy with your wedding party.

Outdoor wedding games, interactive

The lower part of the image above is a game I have played before that I love.  I haven’t been able to find the name of it but it played with two structures made from PVC piping with three horizontal bars running across and a set of 6 throwers made from golf or tennis balls connected with rope.  This is played with individuals competing against each other.  Each person gets 3 throwers and the aim of the game is to get the thrower to wrap around one of the horizontal bars.  The bars are worth a different set of points.  The hardest to hit is the middle bar (red above), usually worth 30 or 50 points, the top (yellow above) is 10 and the bottom (green above) is 15 or 20.  This game was a hit at our party when we used it.  Depending on how many guests you have, you may want to set up more of these.  It is also a good idea to secure these to the ground as they can topple from the lightness of the PVC.

Another personal favorite game of mine is cornhole or bagtoss, same game, different name.  I like this game because of the ability to personalize the board and pieces.

Outdoor wedding games, interactive, cornhole

I love the clean effect of this painted profile set- although I wish they had painted hair…

Outdoor wedding games, interactive, cornhole, skee ball

This is an example of cornhole with a point system. You can play this in teams or as individuals as well. (photo courtesy of Chelsea Elizabeth Photography.com)

Outdoor wedding games, interactive, cornhole

Making an area where your guests can be spectators is a great way to keep your guests occupied.

Another alternative is outdoor duckpin bowling.  This may require renting some equipment to keep costs down but could be a big hit.  This requires bowling pins and a flat surface to bowl across and a heavy ball with no finger holes.

Outdoor wedding games, interactive,duckpin

The most interesting idea I found while searching for some creative ideas was from a wedding in England.  They rented or acquired a Strong Man carnival game and had guests play!

Outdoor wedding games, interactive, strongman

There are so many fun ideas to make your own, make sure you get creative with your planning ideas and keep your guests entertained.  The open bar and food are great, but the fun ideas will keep them talking past their buzz!