Organization Tips for your Wedding or Event

We all know that your wedding is most likely the biggest party you will throw in your life.  There are so very many things to remember and consider during the planning process.  Those of you using professional wedding coordinators, planners and designers have a lot of that taken care of for you, but those of you willing to take on this task on your own are all too aware of how much work there is to do.  {If it becomes too overwhelming, consider hiring a professional like Honeydew Events to help the planning process become more fun again.  You can get help for the last couple months of planning, the last week, the day-of or even get a consultation at any point to make sure all you cross your T’s and dot your i’s}

Many couples I have worked with have experienced just that~ they found the planning process was just not fun anymore and there were way too many things to take care of.

So to help things become less frantic here are some helpful tips:

Keep all of your visual files on your computer in one place (I recommend a folder on your desktop to keep it tidy) and keep up with labeling them.  This may sound OCD but when you remember those shoes you found three months ago that go with your dress you finally bought you won’t spend hours scouring the internet AGAIN to find them.

{TIP} I use screenshots ALL THE TIME. On mac use cmmd+shift+4, on a PC Alt+printscreen button.  I then label them with the image and usually the website. Really it takes 2 seconds and I can reference it later.

Keep all of your paper files in one place. I recommend a binder with tabs {I re-label my tabs using a label maker to make categories specific to my needs} or a colorful accordian folder.

Make an inexpensive scrapbook from all the images you gather from magazines. {Remember to note which magazine it came from if it’s a specific idea or catch the name of the company featured~it can come in useful later}. I tend to do this while watching TV with the hubby, it’s very relaxing.  I used a notebook from Wal-Mart. I then used post-it tabs to categorize the images


If you are like any normal human being you will hate repeating yourself EVERY DAY about the wedding plans.  I don’t care how much you like the planning process but telling your family, your co-workers, your best friends and your mom about the same plans and ideas is exhausting.  Make a virtual wedding blog or website to share your ideas with the world. Plus you can link images from the web to share. I recommend TheKnot, MyWedding, or WeddingWire for free resources.  Or a blog on WordPress {my personal favorite~user friendly}.  For more casual or less formal weddings, consider sending out virtual invitations or managing RSVP’s through this outlet. {FREE!}


It is up to you to make sure everyone is on task, on schedule and connected.  Once you have decided on your wedding party and who will be involved in the planning process, send out an email list with everyone’s contact information {names, addresses, phone numbers and email addresses} to keep things organized and simple. I recommend including your parents’ information- regardless of their involvement of the planning process, last minute things can come up {letting the dog out before rehearsal, etc.} That way everyone in the bridal party has all contact information {and maybe they could even plan you a little something for the wedding}

Make sure to keep them up to date on: Dates and times of all parties and showers, all wedding-related pow-wows,all details of all arrangements including the rehearsal, rehearsal dinner and brunches, their attire, etc.


Good luck to you brides out there braving this on your own! If you need any help at all please contact me.  Even if you are not in the Richmond area and would just like some help, I would love to give you advice and help any way I can.  Until tomorrow!