Persian Meets Outdoor Modern Wedding Inspiration

I find myself really getting inspired by a clients’ wedding visions the past few weeks.  The groom is Iranian and the Bride is Quaker and the ceremony and reception will be a melding of the two lifestyles.  There have been so many beautiful things to inspire me recently! One of them being the color board the bride and groom sent me this weekend.  I can’t tell you how perfect I think this color board is simply because every time I envision their wedding festivities all I can see are muted oranges and aquas mixed with etherial wispy flowers and semi-country accents to tie both of their religious views together.  I envision toned down metals and lights dangling from the trees at their outdoor venue and fabrics, texture, texture, texture!!  So excited. The images below have sent my mind into a creative frenzy!

Mutied Jewel Tones

So pretty!  But I can’t take credit unfortunately.  The bride and groom found this at 100 Layer Cake Blog.  I tried to come up with other color inspirations but this one is so beautiful!

The board below is a bit different from the normal color palette.  Since the bride and groom gave me a list of adjectives that described their aesthetic, I put together a mood board for them of how I envision their big day.

Mutied Jewel Tones, Persian modern mood board

From top left: Martha Stewart inspired bordered placecards, a traditional Persian spread of traditional items to celebrate the Iranian culture, an exotic punched metal lantern from NotNeutral, warm and etherial curtains welcoming you into a rustic outdoor space from {link no longer exists}, beautiful hanging lanterns over a table from Martha Stewart {found on google} and a persian ceremony outdoors from Jessica Claire

So hopefully I get some positive feedback from the Bride & Groom on these ideas.  As usual, please leave some feedback and let me know what you think!