Invitation Art

Anyone who has ever thrown a party knows there is an art to the invitation; making sure only the people you wish to be at the event are at the party, that the paper invitations reflect the feel of the party, etc.  The etiquette was developed so everyone invited would know how to behave at the party, what to wear and what occasion the party was being thrown for.

Invitations are a secret obesession of mine.  Browsing through bridal and celebration magazines, I am in love with the variety of new invitations available every day.  I stumbled upon (literally- found it on StumbleOn) the Minted line of invitations from Ruffled Blog and have spent countless hours obsessing over the designs they have created and the wedding decor that could be inspired by the invitations. {examples}


watercolor invitation

firefly invitation

word bubble invitation

I have hadmade more invitations than I can think of at the moment, including invitations for my own wedding.  My favorite invitations that I have made were for a bridal/bachelorette party at a wine vineyard.  Unfortunately I do not have images of this invitation but I am going to attempt to describe it.  I handstamped a vine using acrylic flourish  stamps on the left side of a 4.5×4.5 inch paper with black ink that bent around the top left corner of the paper.  I then found an acrylic stamp for a dollar of a flower that happened to have small petals on it resembling stacked grapes.  I cut it with an exacto knife to resemble the same shape as a bunch of grapes and stamped green and purple bunches on the vine.  I then stamped small black leaves with a leaf stamp on a few choice places on the vine as well.  For the text of the invitation I used Herculanum on Microsoft Word that provided a grecian look to the invitations that I thought was rather pretty.  This stamped and printed card was inserted into a petal style pale yellow card that I used as the envelope and sealed the whole thing shut with handmade monogram stickers using Xyron Create-a-sticker and addressed and stamped the reverse side.

I decided to post about this topic today because I have spent a majority of my time today making a digital image of a hand drawn picture for a client whos wedding is in October {starting projects early makes for less stress later}.  This was a relatively easy task using Illustrator and it allowed me to make some tweaks in the line quality once livetrace was done.  The following image I made for the response cards.  I am not sure if this is the final image the bride will be using but I loved the idea and decided to post it anyway.  The image is adorable and one of a kind and I am so excited to finish all the invitations in the coming weeks!

hand drawn invitation graphic

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