Color Inspiration from A Perfect Palette: An Interview from Truly Engaged

Interview: The Perfect Palette

February 3, 2011

We’re thrilled to have Chrissy, author of  The Perfect Palette as our guest at Truly Engaging today. In case you don’t already know, The Perfect Palette is a popular wedding blog, dedicated to exploring the color palette possibilities for your wedding and a place to find fun and creative wedding ideas! Chrissy started the blog as a hobby~ but since 2008, it has become a honed business. From inspiration boards, to color tips, Chrissy’s aim is to share with you the many ways that color can be used in your wedding. And brides, it’s also a place where you can see the many different ways that you can put your special touch on your wedding day. Without further ado, here is my interview with Chrissy …

Why is choosing specific colors so important Chrissy? Choosing a specific color palette for your wedding is so important because you want your wedding day to have a cohesive look and feel to it.  Not only are you marrying your best friend, but you’re also planning a very special event to be enjoyed by your closest family and friends. And in order to create an engaging and ‘put together’ look for your day, it’s important to choose colors that will tie everything together, simply and beautifully. It’s also a key step in the planning process- because before you can do much else, a palette must be chosen!

light pink, mauve, gold and ivory palette. This board is gorgeous and incorporates two lovely wedding trends we’re seeing in 2011 … gold + vintage charm.

Where should a newly engaged bride-to-be start? Before a bride can go out and start crossing anything off her list, I think it’s crucial to: 1) choose a venue 2) choose a color palette! Before you can get to the fun part like purchasing save-the-dates, invitations, or choosing bridal party attire, you want to decide on your colors! After you choose your colors, you can start on stage two which is the process of finding all of the necessities to bring your perfect palette to life! So make a choice … because whether you realize it or not, you have limited time and you have bigger fish to fry!

If you’re struggling with your decision, I always advise my readers to start by considering the colors that make you go “awwww, that’s SO pretty.”  I think most importantly, it’s key to love the colors you’re working with!

Where can you find inspiration to create a perfect palette? There’s a ton of online inspiration out there! Aside from The Perfect Palette, you can definitely find color inspiration all around you. Whether that be in nature, in magazines, in fashion or even decorating magazines.

What is your best color tip? My best color tip is to simply realize that no matter what color palette you choose, you can truly bring that palette to life in so many beautiful ways! So be confident in your choices and try your hardest not to second guess yourself {although I realize that it’s hard not to with all the beautiful wedding inspiration out there lately}. So no more second guessing!

Do you still enjoy creating palettes- even after 3 years? Yes, even after 3 years of creating palettes for my readers, I still really and truly enjoy putting together color palettes! I love to inspire my readers and ultimately I love knowing that my ideas are helping brides and grooms to create their perfect wedding! By combining my love for all things fashion, art, party planning and helping people,  I truly am my happiest when I’m creating and sharing with others.

What’s your favorite color? It’s definitely a toss-up between orange and yellow. These are two of the happiest colors and it’s really hard for me not to smile when I look at them. I suppose that explains why I create a lot of palettes on The Perfect Palette that includes these colors! Some days my favorite is yellow, some days it’s orange!

How do you incorporate color trends? We’re always looking to Pantone, the world authority on color, for ideas on what colors are trending in fashion! It’s always fun to see their choices for the top 10 colors for the season and it’s great because it helps to expand my own ideas on wedding color palettes!

Why should a bride commit to her palette with few changes? It’s very common for a bride to change her mind when it comes to choosing her wedding color palette.  However, I would strongly advise that a bride commits to a palette in the early stages of her planning because to change your color palette mid-way through can be a very expensive and time consuming change. One or two changes early on in the process is okay and can be expected, but keep it at that. Commit to your palette and start focusing  your energy on getting other things accomplished.

What about color theory? I think it’s important to decide if you want a palette that is going to consist of complementary colors {also known as contrasting colors} or more of a monochromatic look.

A monochromatic color palette provides a harmony and blending of the colors, similar to what might be found in nature. Whereas, contrasting colors from the color wheel represent high chromatic contrast. Complementary colors are opposite on the color wheel. These colors always go well with each other, hence the term complementary.

You can’t go wrong with whichever you choose, however the differences are big! For instance, a bride might choose various shades of blue for her palette.  This monochromatic color palette tends to create a softer look that’s easy on the eye. However, if you’d like to create a bigger impact, you might decide to choose contrasting colors, for instance orange and blue. This type of palette will create a more distinct visual impact and will enable you to make bigger, bolder statements. Understanding a few simple color principles can result in successful wedding color combinations.

{The lovely spring palette above can be found at The Perfect Palette here.}

This is such wonderful, helpful information on determining a color palette- especially for newly engaged couples! Thanks so much Chrissy. To read more about Chrissy and explore color palettes, simply hop on over to The Perfect Palette.

Yay for wonderful resources like The Perfect Palette!!

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